Understanding Skin Type is First Step towards Skin Care

Skin is perhaps the most important organ in the body, covering the entire span of ourselves and protecting us from all outside entities. Beautiful skin is something that all of us dream of, where some are blessed others like the most of us have to work hard to attain. Healthy skin is required not only for looking good but also for being healthy and hence it is very important to take care of your skin. Adequate skin care will help in conserving the oils and protecting the skin from the harsh nature of the environment, thereby creating a beautiful and healthy you. However, prior to taking care of your skin, it is important to understand your skin type, so that you can use only those products that help your skin and not those that can cause damage.

There are five main and known types of skin today and these include:

1. Normal Skin: Often called the perfect skin, this is the healthiest type of skin, which is not too oily or too dry, has a few spots but is even in texture and very firm and supple. It has small pores and can develop lines and wrinkles as the person grows old.

2. Dry Skin: this is the second type of skin which is rough to touch, lacks moisture due to the harsh environment it has been exposed to, lacks natural oils, grainy in texture and feels tight across the face. This type of skin is characterized by small pores, blemishes and blackheads and is more susceptible to wrinkles than all other skin types.

3. Oily Skin: This skin type is oily, rough, filled with blackheads, acne and large pores. Skin is thick and sticky to touch because of the oil and the very same fact is reason for such skin types to remain youthful.

4. Combination Skin: Very difficult to maintain, this is a combination of dry and oily skin in parts. People with such skin develop a T-zone around their forehead, nose and chin, which is oily and their cheeks and eyes are dry. Hence skin care for such skin types has to be two pronged.

5. Sensitive Skin: this is the last type of skin and is highly prone to rashes, allergies, burns etc. Environment factors affect this skin type easily and they are also sensitive to certain chemicals used in cosmetics. Hence one should be very careful with the skin care products you use for this skin type.

In conclusion, it is always best to understand your skin type before trying any skin care regime so as to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin.